“If you think you’re too small to make an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito.”

Working in human rights, the question most people ask me is: “How can I possibly make a difference?” The problems of the world seems huge. How can we, as individuals, possibly change anything? Some days it feels hopeless to even try.

Yet thousands of individuals around the world have made a difference, using only limited resources. This blog presents the stories of ordinary people who did extraordinary things. The women and men you will read about were not rich or powerful, but they each had three things: integrity, courage and imagination.

Their stories show that we each have the power to improve our communities, our countries, and ultimately the world around us. Read on, and be inspired.

About me

My name isOpentoSyria Saphia Fleury, and for the past decade I’ve worked for the world’s largest human rights charity. In that time, I’ve come across many stories of inspiring individuals who did extraordinary things despite leading ordinary lives. I hope you’re also inspired by their stories – leave a comment and let me know!